Thursday, May 2, 2013

MFNW - Second Announcement

Austra ("OH-stra") have released the official video to go with their song Home, but YouTube won't let me post it here due to some sort of copyright issue (why put up an embed code, then?), so here's a live version:

It's nice to see the Tasseomancy twins playing with her at SXSW (they weren't along when she opened for The xx at The Tabernacle).  In any event, we might get to see the full Austra band, including Tasseomancy, as MFNW just announced that Austa will be playing there this year.  This is the second line-up announcement for the Portland festival, following the prior news that Godspeed You! Black Emperor will be performing for two consecutive nights.

For those staying closer to home (and if your home is Atlanta), and/or if my MFNW plans fall through, Austra will be coming to The Earl on September 17, 2013.  

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