Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Flavr Blue

Alex, I'll take Bands I've Never Heard Of for fifty dollars.

Seattle's R&B-meets-electro-synth-pop band The Flavr Blue will be the first band performing at Bumbershoot this year, taking the stage at 11:45 am on Saturday morning, August 31.  Since no other bands are scheduled for that early hour, it looks like I'll be kicking off the weekend seeing and hearing a new (to me at least) band kick off the festival.

According to the Bumbershoot website,
Following the release of their debut album, Pisces, last year, synth-pop trio The Flavr Blue has been igniting parties from their hometown of Seattle to New York City with driving bass, shimmering melodies, dazzling visuals and a lot of verve. Featuring vocals from all three members, the band’s music ranges from bright and dreamy to sultry and moody, and their live performances are infamous for being highly energetic and extremely fun.

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