Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bumbershoot, Day One - Washed Out

There was a HUGE audience of Seattle teenagers at the Fountain Lawn Stage to see Georgia's own Washed Out, but with a little perseverance, I managed to work my way to a semi-decent position on the crowd.  The time between the end of Watsky's set, the last performance at the stage, and the start of Washed Out was a full hour, one of the longest intervals between performances of the day, but it still took them another 20 minutes for some reason to finish their sound check and  start their performance.  But once their glimmering synths kicked in and the band's big washes of sound began emanating form the stage, all was forgiven.  This is a band I've wanted to see live for a while now, and although they've played Atlanta many times, they've either sold out before I could get tickets, or I was somehow otherwise engaged at the time of their sets, so this was a nice, make-up set for me at Bumbershoot.   

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