Friday, December 27, 2013

Best New Artists 2013

Look, it's not that I'm without any self awareness.  I know that nobody cares what an old man living in Atlanta, Georgia of all places thinks are the Best New Artists of 2013, but the closing days of the year are traditionally when everyone posts their "Best Of'" lists, and I don't want to miss out on the fun just because my opinion's irrelevant.  And as it turns out, all of my "Best New Artists" of 2013 are women, or at least female-fronted bands.  2013, it seems, was The Year of the Woman, at least in music.

I was temped to try and write something clever about each band, but then decided to just let the music speak for itself and let you, the reader, construct your own narrative.

So here they are, my picks for BNA13, presented in alphabetical order:

Chvrches (Scotland)

Courtney Barnett (Australia)

Lucius (New York)

My bubba (Iceland)

Pure Bathing Culture (Portland)

Savages (London)

Summer Cannibals (Portland)

Torres (New York)

Women's Work (Atlanta)

Wild Ones (Portland)

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