Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lemolo and Chris Staples at The Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, August 8, 2015

Ten things I learned at the Lemolo/Chris Staples show at The Drunken Unicorn last night:

1.  The name is pronounced "Le-MO-lo," not "LEM-o-lo."

2. The band is the nom-de-rock of Meagan Grandall.  When we last saw her in 2011, she was accompanied by a backup keyboardist/percussionist, but last night at the Unicorn she was accompanied by a drummer.

Lemolo at Bumbershoot, 2011

3.  The added drums gave the music a nice urgent kick, but both times I've seen her/them, the best aspect of Lemolo's music has been Meagan's captivating voice and songwriting.

4.  A 25-minute opening set was not nearly enough Lemolo after not hearing her for four years.

5.  Chris Staples, the headliner, is apparently a singer/songwriter now living in Seattle performing and touring with a full band.

6.  The closest comparison to Staples' style may be early Josh Rouse, but I probably would have enjoyed his set more had I been more familiar with his music and songs before going.

7.  I know I would have enjoyed his song Dark Side of the Moon had I previously heard him perform it before.

8. Last night was my first time hearing Chris Staples, and I actually had not even heard of him until I saw that Lemolo were opening for him at a free (RSVP required) show at the Unicorn.

9. Technically, No. 8 above was not something that I actually just learned last night (ditto this No. 9).

10. There's nothing wrong with going to a show to hear the opener instead of the headliner.

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  1. 11. There's nothing wrong with blowing off a show if you're just too tired, the doors don't open until 9pm (?), and you can't face finding parking now that the area around the venue is becoming gentrified.