Sunday, September 6, 2015


New discovery:  Vacarme is Éric Roy of Saint-Eustache, just outside of Montreal.  The Vacarme project was started in 1992, reformed in 2003, and now appears to be undergoing a third incarnation. The music, which Roy describes as "hardcore crossover," should appeal to post-rock fans of other Montreal projects such as Godspeed and Silver Mt. Zion, although Roy himself seems to be more of a fan of punk and metal than post-rock bands.  No word of any recordings or tours in the works as of yet.      


  1. oops
    hi i am éric roy from vacarme quebec but the video is not the same vacarme at all

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  3. yet in the description you're talking about me
    my website is
    and the sounds are mostly there :
    i'll admit the recordings could be better
    and future creations will not focus exclusively on crossover hardcore
    even though it still will be a principal focal point and favorite
    in fact i'm open to every style
    but though i'm the principal composer and writer
    i'm still and again mostly alone so not a band anymore so
    i don't know how it will get out :) to the world

  4. in a few words it is likely to be less heavy part-time
    but mostly hear the lyrics clearly

  5. like when i sing on "pogné en d'dans" in the least

  6. Sorry if I've caused any confusion. The Vacarme posted by La Blogotheque is apparently not Montreal's Vacarme but some other band. It's obvious now comparing the two different styles, but Google searches for "Vacarme" only led to the Montreal band, not the musicians in the Blogotheque video and the Soundcloud stream. so I had assumed that Éric Roy was behind both despite the different styles (I like both styles so it stands to reason that one musician might be performing it all). I stand corrected and look forward to hearing more from both artists.