Friday, November 27, 2015

Politics - What's Up With That?

Provocateur, musician and international treasure MIA dedicated her video for Borders to her Uncle Bala, one of the first Tamil migrants to come to the UK in the '60s and who went on to inspire many people as a "creative, daring man."

American fears over refugees and immigration took an ironic turn today, as yet another armed domestic terrorist has taken hostages and injured policemen at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, reminding us that our greatest threat is right here at home and yet there seems to be no political will to even acknowledge the problem, much less address it.  Instead, politicians and certain sectors of the media ("cough, Fox News, cough") stoke fear and hatred toward victims overseas trying to escape far worse atrocities.

And here's a reminder of some of MIA's provocations of the past:

And of course this at the 2012 Super Bowl, which caused some conservatives to totally freak out and the NFL to sue her for $16.6 Million.

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