Sunday, December 27, 2015

Brown Rice

One of my favorite albums from the '70s, if not of all time, diminished somewhat from the vinyl version by the audio compression in this format, but still an effective recording.  This is what was playing in my head during my university years - and what my college roommates kept telling me to turn down late at night.  However, this music holds up much better now, some 40 years later, than the laid-back, radio-format soft rock to which they were listening.

In those heady university years, between listening to Don Cherry, Brian Eno, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, and Jon Hassel, and schlepping LP copies of No PussyfootingAnother Green World, In CMusic for 18 Musicians, and Mu, Part I from apartment to apartment, I felt like I had tapped into the music of the future, and it kind of turns out that I was right, at least with regard to my future. 

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