Monday, January 4, 2016


Okay, this is confusing.  This is Eno, sometimes stylized as ENO, and apparently has no participation by ambient pioneer and all-round sonic innovator Brian Eno, who sometimes although less and less frequently records simply as "Eno."  This Eno is a two-piece post-rock/ambient outfit from Switzerland who are obviously influence by Brian Eno and perhaps took his name as a tribute, but are actually Swiss musicians Ivo Münger and Christian Mikolasek.  I'm sure Brian's aware of this project - they formed in 2004 and couldn't have been off of his radar for that long - and his apparent lack of protest could be considered a tacit form of approval.  I like the Swiss Eno, I really do, but now I've got to go back through my Eno collection to separate the band from the musician.

This isn't news, but speaking of Eno, back in 2012, British Columbia's Teen Daze included a cover of Brian Eno's Always Returning from 1983's Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks in their album The Inner Mansions.

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