Saturday, January 9, 2016

Music Is Dead, Part II

The lineup has now been announced for the second major rock festival of the year, this time New York's Governor's Ball, and it's almost as disappointing as the lineup for Coachella.  At least it doesn't have all of the EDM acts that will be preforming at Coachella, but then again, no LCD Soundsystem?  I was assuming they were going to be a lock for every major festival this year.

The headlining lineup of Kanye, The Strokes, The Killers and Beck would have been great in 2005, but while including one or two nostalgia acts in the lineup is certainly acceptable, having all of the headliners be bands that peaked in relevancy and artistry a decade ago is a real disappointment.  The Strokes were the first-night headliners at the Shaky Knees festival here in Atlanta a year ago, and it's a little surprising to see New York follow suit a year later - homage to home-town boys, perhaps?

This is a safe, middle-of-the-road lineup to ensure maximum ticket sales by Long Island teenagers, and yes, I'll admit that just like Coachella, there are some acts in the lineup that I like (Lord Huron, Father John, Courtney Barnett, and Torres, among others), but there's nothing unique in the lineup that compels me to want to attend this thing, or any 2016 music festival if this and Coachella are any indication of what's in store. 

As I said before boys and girls, it's over.  It the wake of the collapse of album sales, capitalism has found a way to make big money off of the weekend rock festival, and they even let Kanye's "creative agency" (i.e., marketing department) design this year's Governor's Ball poster.  The corrupting influence of the profit motive has once again removed the artististry from music.  

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