Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hinds at The Mammal Gallery, Atlanta, March 13, 2016

Three fun bands played the Mammal Gallery Sunday night, and despite temperatures which felt like the dog days of summer, I think everybody had a good time.  I know I did and it seemed like the bands on the stage did, too.

The first band up was called Really Sorry.  I honestly believe this was their first time playing on a stage, and I truly mean that in the kindest and most supportive way possible.  Look, I won't deny they still have a lot of work cut out for themselves, but you have to start somewhere and opening for Hinds at the Mammal Gallery is not a bad way to begin at all.  Plus, they're a fun band, a lot of their songs were actually pretty funny (Spider consisted almost entirely of screaming and shrieks of "Get it away"), and they certainly didn't take themselves too seriously.  I'm reminded that The Coathangers started as a party joke band and then somehow got good.  

Bonus points for the audience, showing the band a lot of love and enthusiasm, including some raucous applause at the end of their short set.   

The next band up, Goodbye Honolulu, is a garage rock band from Toronto who played all of their songs with the fun dial turned up to 11.  Volume wasn't far below that either, but they got the audience dancing, including the girls from Hinds, who were dancing with the rest of the audience throughout Goodbye Honolulu's entire, 45-minute, sweaty set.

Which brings us to the girls from Madrid.  Hinds is a female garage-rock quartet from Spain (they sing in English) who actually play live with much more proficiency than their debut album, Leave Me Alone, would suggest.  Not that they weren't fun, too.  They had the audience dancing through most of their set, and inspired at least one crowd surfer and some friendly rushing of the stage.  

This isn't their first American tour (they were here and played SXSW last year) but it was their first time in Atlanta and they were clearly enjoying themselves, hanging out with the audience when they weren't dancing to Goodbye Honolulu.  Singer/guitarist Ana Perrote wore an Atlanta t-shirt and posted a picture of herself (below) on Instagram the next day.  Before the show, I even got to chat, albeit briefly, with Hinds' drummer, Amber Grimbergen (along with a lot of really interested young men), who was just hanging out in the audience and said that the band spent the day before at Six Flags and that the next day, Monday, she would be celebrating her 20th birthday in New Orleans before they went back to SXSW.

The happy news in all of this is that Hinds truly seem to be happy and healthy and normal Spanish girls who are having the time of their young lives, even if it was 40 degrees (Celsius) on the stage. And I don't think I'm the only one in the audience who fell in love with all of them.

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