Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Festival Forecast

First, I'll say this - the lineup for this year's Bumbershoot Festival is better than last year's (last year was the first time in five years that I didn't go), but still not good enough to get me to fly cross country.  While there's a few good headliners (Tame Impala, Father John Misty, etc.), there's way too much EDM and hip-hop for my tastes, and many of the better bands left on the bill (Explosions In The Sky, Andrew Bird, Hinds, Lemolo, etc.) either have or will be passing through Atlanta.  It looks like that once again I'll be sitting this one out.

Meanwhile, though, look how far MFNW has fallen.  Those years that I went to Bumbershoot, I was really in Seattle just as a prelude to the following week's MusicFest NW in Portland. However, starting in 2014, MFNW went from a multi-venue, SXSW/CMJ-type format to just another weekend with some stages out in the sun, and the number of bands fell from close to 100 to less than a dozen. Now, it looks like the once mighty MFNW is just a vehicle for the traveling Project Pabst revue, which is coming to Atlanta in early October anyway.  There are so few bands on this bill worth seeing that you could count them on one hand and still have a finger left over to flip the producers the bird (that's four bands - Coathangers, UMO, Parquet Courts, and Tame Impala - for those of you not good at math or currently on drugs), and even if the exact Portland lineup plays here in town, I might not go for having to endure the rest. 

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Really kind of makes you proud of our home town and appreciate next month's Shaky Knees lineup, arguably the best lineup of any festival so far this year:

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