Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Local Natives

Local Natives at Shaky Knees, 2014
Local Natives will release a new album, Sunlit Youth, on September 9, which includes the single Past Lives (below).  They will band also tour to support the album, and surprisingly, they've included dates in the deep south, including an October 12 date at The Tabernacle.  Charlotte Day Wilson opens.

I spent way too much time today updating my iPod.  I haven't done a real overhaul of its contents in years, and was both a little nostalgic but also a little over a lot of the contents I'd been lugging around.  But the iTunes software had a really hard time dealing with a total replacement of 32 gigs of music and I found myself trying and re-trying to get the program to accept the new music.  It was frustrating and I finally had to "trick" the program into accepting one new LP at a time until I had finally replaced the entire contents.

Apple - for when you need Big Brother to let you know if you're ready for new music or not.  

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