Saturday, July 16, 2016

Brazilian Girls

Brazilian Girls are a New York band that jumps around musical genres like a schizophrenic DJ. None of them are actually Brazilian and the only female in the band is singer Sabina Sciubba.  Known for their eclectic blend of electronic dance music with musical styles as diverse as tango, chanson, house, reggae and lounge (but no Brazilian beats at all), they bounce between house music and samba-flavored pop, and freaky dancing stoner anthems seem rather effortless in their hands.

Sciubba is known for her outrageous stage-wear and for her enigmatic stage persona. She's also a stunning lyricist, poetically vivid one moment and flippantly dropping pop-culture references the next. Her voice is beautiful while her delivery is sometimes triumphant, sometimes homey/lazy, and always suggestive. 

Anyway, here she is in 2005 wearing censor's strips and a knife in her heart because, why not? as she extoll the virtues of pussy and marijuana to an eminently danceable beat. I don't know who the rappers are, but what is Will Farrell doing on the saxophone?

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