Friday, September 23, 2016

Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors at Variety Playhouse, August 9, 2012
Where the hell have Dirty Projectors been?  They haven't released new music since 2012, haven't toured, haven't anything.

Until now, but the new song, Keep Your Name, hardly answers anything.  Is Amber still in the band? Any of the other singers beside David?  Is the song a new direction for the band, or an outlier?  And most importantly, when will more songs be coming?  Will more songs be coming?

According to today's oracle from the I Ching. we slowly and gently weaves our own distinctive seal into everything we do. It is an unceasing process which gives our life and all our actions their own pattern. Even an unborn child is already shaping its life. The result of this process is a character and destination which can hardly be changed anymore, like the liquid metal which is very hard after cooling down. So we should be careful with the moments when we still can shape things.

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