Monday, October 17, 2016

Hiss Golden Messenger at Terminal West, Atlanta, October 16, 2016

The challenges of Rocktober:  go to a third consecutive show for the third consecutive night, then the next day, sit at the computer and try to think of something different and original to say, something we haven't already said or posted about a show before or at least for the past couple of nights.  Story about what time we got there and how many people were or weren't already present?  Nope, already done that a bunch of times.  Start with over-the-top praise of the headlining performer?  Been there, done that.  Run the pictures through the Prisma app and see how they look? Sure, why not?, again.  I know, post a pic of a Pokemon on the stage.

Alert readers will know we've done that before, too.  

Look man, just relax, don't try so hard, and just post a picture of the opening act, The Dead Tongues.

See?  That wasn't so hard, and now that we've posted that, we recall that it was an enjoyable set in the vein of the previous night's Adam Torres show - an acoustic singer-songwriter for people who don't necessarily like acoustic singer-songwriters.  See?  Now we're posting, and just like last night's show, we're off to a good start.

Hiss Golden Messenger has long been on our bucket list of shows we've wanted to see, but for various reasons, every time he came to town, we already had tickets to other shows, or were out of town ourselves, or something else would happen and we never made it.  We finally checked the box last night and as extra bonus points, frontman M.C. Taylor had a full band and wasn't performing solo, as he's often want to do. 

His backup band included The Dead Tongues on guitar and North Carolina folk-rock fixture Phil Cook (above and below) on Wurlitzer and guitar.

Overall, it was a great set of country-rock, Southern rock, 70s roots rock, and various other guitar-based musics, all skillfully delivered with Taylor's warm, accommodating vocals.

See?  That wasn't so hard, was it?.  Writer's block is what you make of it.  Now, before we get too cute or clever, we'll close this post out with a video of a song by headliner Hiss Golden Messenger and leave it at that, and maybe we can think of something more clever to say by the time of our next show (which thankfully isn't tonight - we need our sleep).

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