Saturday, October 15, 2016

Joseph at Terminal West, Atlanta, October 14, 2016,

So, this is what Rocktober looks like in 2016 - weekdays where we can stay home and get some sleep before the next day's work, and weekends packed full of shows.

Last night's Friday night offering was Portland, Oregon's Joseph, but first Nashville's Ruston Kelly opened with some pretty generic Nashville stuff.

Kelly did manange to keep the audinece pretty quiet and attentive for his slow, somber set, and I'll give him points for wearing a Slayer t-shirt under his jacket.  But the audience, which consisted primarily of young women (the female-to-male ratio around me was about 8:1), was there to see Joseph.

It was our first time seeing Joseph, and to be honest, we've only heard a handful of songs, but they performed pretty much as we expected, with rousing, upbeat, harmony-laden, indie-folk anthems, delivered with good cheer and optimism, and some very thinly-veiled protests against Donald Trump and the grim, misogynistic mindset of his supporters. 

Joseph, if you're not aware, is a sister band, consisting of Natalie Closner and her younger twin sisters Meegan and Allison.

They closed the set with their single, White Flag, and the audience called them back on stage by repeating the wordless chorus over and over.  Their encore performance was arguably the best part of their set.

Like a lot of shows, there was clearly an emotional bond between the audience and the performers.  I think a lot of young women are inspired and motivated by Joseph's upbeat,postive attitude, and the fact that three sisters can make their mark in the music business.

For those of you following along at home, here's an acoustic sample of Joseph's music, followed by Cloudline, probably the first Joseph song we've heard.

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