Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Of Montreal at Terminal West, Atlanta, Halloween 2016

Halloween night, what do?  I know, let's go to Terminal West and see Of Montreal!

First, we had a set by psychedelic rock band Chief Scout, which might have been enjoyable but the insane and incompetent light person at Terminal West pointed a spotlight in our face for their entire fucking set and I couldn't see a thing and were too annoyed squinting and shielding our eyes to enjoy the music.  Here's about the best picture that we got:

Next time, Chief Scout, when we don't have the asshole light guy to deal with.  Meanwhile, in Augmented Reality, a cat somehow got on stage.

Brooklyn's TEEN was up next,dressed for some reason, as unicorns.

We've seen TEEN several times before although this was the first time this year, and it seems like between each show we keep forgetting what a great set they put on, and how confident and commanding a frontperson Kristina "Teeny" Lieberson is.  This show would have been a great night if it ended at the conclusion of the TEEN set, but there was still a lot more to come.  A lot more.

Of Montreal opened with Different For Girls (and ended their set with a short reprise of the same song), followed by Let's Relate, two songs from their new Innocence Reaches LP.  After that, it all becomes kind of a blur in my memory, what with the light show, the stage set, the dancers, the giant opossum, someone dressed as Donald Trump dressed as a human dildo, Kevin Barnes' costume changes, and, well, Kevin Barnes.


The audience, needless to say, was worked up into a frenzy, and everyone's sensory processing systems were in a state of high overload.

So how do you end a set like this?  Well, if you're Kevin Barnes and Of Montreal, you do an encore cover of David Bowie's The Man Who Sold The World, which somehow manages to morph into Prince's 1999.  It was that kind of night.  

A couple years ago, when we saw The Orb on Halloween night, we thought we had found the perfect Halloween night show.  Nothing against The Orb, but now that we've seen Of Montreal, we now know better.

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