Thursday, February 2, 2017

His Vision of World Empathy

According to Robyn Hitchcock, the original title of the opening track of his forthcoming, self-titled LP was not I Want To Tell You About What I Want, but My Vision Of World Empathy. As Hitchcock explains:
"Either we will eventually become extinct and be replaced by cats with articulated thumbs who have evolved the way apes slowly evolved into us, or we will become empathic and mildly telepathic — people like Donald Trump won’t happen because biologically no human will be born with that lack of empathy. We will become a species that isn’t capable of bullying because we can feel what we’re doing to other people."
If that's not explicitly anti-Trump enough for you, he also wrote:
He’s against every single gain we’ve made as a species in the last 60 years: in racial equality, in gender parity, in sexual tolerance, in environmental awareness, and in welfare, just to start the list. Less than a day into his presidency, he has begun to nullify and marginalize all that so many have fought for in these areas since the Civil Rights movement. 
But you can’t marginalize the melting ice-caps, Donald, and you can’t nullify people’s feelings when they get sick and starve. You can’t steal a woman’s body from her, or steamroller someone’s sexuality. No matter how hard you legislate.
Robyn Hitchcock will be released on April 21.

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