Monday, July 29, 2013

The Head and the Heart Cover Iron Maiden In the Desert

This looks like some crazed, Carlos Castanada-influenced experiment in the desert, but its probably just one of the reasons that Seattle boys should be wary of getting too much sun when in the Southwest.

This September, I'll be seeing The Head and the Heart perform in Portland's beautiful Pioneer Courthouse Square during MFNW, and then again in November at the relatively near-by Buckhead Theater.  Thao and the Get Down Stay Down will be opening for them on both dates.  

But between now and then, or at least between now and Bumbershoot on Labor Day weekend, there really isn't much on the musical horizon.  This may not be a drought year, at least for weather (far from it!), but it's close to a summer-long drought in musical terms, with only a few, scattered oases of sound (Cayucas, Kisses).  Maybe its the incentive I need to save my pennies for the Northwest and for Rocktober after that.

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