Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I've probably billed more hours and made more money the past week that I did during the entire month of July, which is a statement both about how busy I've been the past week and how dismal July was for business.  During the weekend, I spent virtually every waking hour Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on my computer, tabulating and analyzing reams and reams of data until my head would finally collapse onto the keyboard.  Frankly, boring stuff, but the time was made more pleasant by streaming both Oregon's Pickathon and Chicago's Lollapalooza festivals, multitasking and virtually hopping cross-country between sets (and between spreadsheets). I finally finished the project this evening, and am glad to finally be able to get away from my computer station (but what, then, am I doing here now?).  

Here's Sharon Van Etten's set from Pickathon above, just one of the many highlights of the competing webcasts.

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