Sunday, August 30, 2015

Thomas Pynchon Meets Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon at The Mammal Gallery, March 2015
Not really, but as an indication of how far things have come in the past several decades, consider this:
"We're the only bar in the area, you know, that has a strict electronic music policy. Come on around on Saturdays, starting midnight we have your Sinewave Session, that's a live get-together, fellas come in just to jam from all over the state, San Jose, Santa Barbara, San Diego--" 
"Live?" Metzger said, "electronic music, live?" 
"They put it on tape, here, live, fella.  We got a whole back room full of your audio oscillators, gunshot machines, contact mikes, everything man.  That's for if you didn't bring your ax, see, but you get the feeling and you want to swing with the rest of the cats, there's always something available." 
"No offense," said Metzger, with a winning Baby Igor smile. (From The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon [1965])

And then 50 years later, this:

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