Thursday, October 15, 2015

Animal Collective

Animal Collective at MFNW (RIP) 2013
Feels turned 10 years old yesterday.  To commemorate the occasion, Animal Collective have released a recording of a complete concert from that era, in which they perform:
Did You See the Words?
Loch Raven
Kids on Holiday
Banshee Beat
Fickle Cycle / Grass
Daffy Duck / My Favorite Colors
The Purple Bottle
Baby Day

According to Geologist, 
"All the songs on Feels are tuned to our friend's piano which was out of tune to begin with. Dave and I made loops from recordings of him playing her piano, and we used those loops in the early songwriting process for Feels. So since those loops are premade and can't be tuned, the guitars have to be tuned to the loops. It's not out of tune in any traditional whole step/half step kind of way...we're talking microtonally out of tune after years of not being professionally tuned and subtle natural detuning. Kind of like if you played guitar in standard tuning for years but never once re-tuned it to make sure it was right. It would have its own unique out-of-tune tuning based on what strings you played most often, how hard you played it, the temperature in the room, the humidity, etc... "

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