Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Braids at Terminal West, May 2014
Montreal's Braids, who will be playing 529 this Friday night, have released a new video for their song Taste, which features singer Raphaelle Standell standing in the middle of a pack of dancers or alone in the woods, intercut with still or nearly still images of naked bodies of all shapes, sizes, and ages in their own homes.

Director Kevan Funk wrote, "I see it as these scenes that would almost feel like portraiture, these images that have a mixture of being beautiful and in someways haunting." 

Funk also wrote, "I like the idea of the viewer projecting this idea on to the individuals, that refrain of ‘we experience the love that we think we deserve’ somehow leading us to assume the type of life these people have had, who and how they love and have been loved." 

So it is all about love after all, but in case you haven't gathered by now, the video is probably what some people would call NSFW.  

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