Sunday, October 25, 2015

Book of Colors at The Wherehouse, Atlanta, October 24, 2015

Phoenix Fest is a DIY celebration of Atlanta music, literature and art curated by Davy Minor of Deer Bear Wolf.  

I wasn't around yesterday for most of the event, but I did arrive on time to take in the visual arts and catch a set by Atlanta's Book of Colors.

Last time we saw Book of Colors perform, it was just Andres playing solo at the Park Tavern, opening for Kishi Bashi.  Last night could not be more different, as not only was everybody dressed in Halloween costumes but at times they had as many as 10 performers on stage, including Takenobu on cello, who we also saw this summer at Park Tavern (and coincidentally also opening once for Kishi Bashi) and Anna Kramer on backing vocals.  There might have been other Atlanta bands represented as well, and I apologize if I didn't recognize them.   

They did the best they could on the sound, but given the constraints of a DIY sound system and the acoustics of a metal warehouse building, it did get a bit muddled at times when all 10 musicians were performing.  However, Andres and company pulled it off just by sheer power of personality, the audacity of the all-star line-up, and the quirky charms of the rest of the festival.  A good set on a good night at a good event - what's not to like?

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