Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Girl Band Cancels Earl Appearance

Dublin's Girl Band, the preeminent artists of our time, have cancelled their upcoming December 8 performance at The Earl, as well as all of their other North American and European dates, citing unspecified health issues.  However, vocalist Dara Kiely recently told NME, "I had a messy break-up which led to a psychotic episode and a breakdown where I had to take a year off college and get better. And just went through depression and thought I couldn’t write again. It took me a year to feel good within myself again." The band also told NME that Kiely’s behavior “became erratic” with bouts of happiness where he "thought he was God and could control the weather,” and bouts of isolation "where he moved into a tent in his garden and refused to leave.”  We don't know if these issues are the "health reasons" for cancelling the tour, but best wishes nevertheless.

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