Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Mistakes

Despite my frequent announcements and hyping of the show, The Mynabirds will NOT be performing at Aisle 5 tonight - the show was actually last month, September 29, not October, and like an idiot I've been touting a show the last few weeks that's already passed.

I posted several times how excited I was that Braids was going to be opening up for Pure Bathing Culture at the Drunken Unicorn, but it was actually The Wild Ones opening for PBC, and Braids was a separate show on a separate night at a separate venue.

And I've totally confused the local Atlanta bands Book Club and Book of Colors, and it's almost random which band I'm referring to when I use either name - it's apparently a 50-50 toss-up.

And those are the mistakes I'm aware of - I shudder to think how many I've made that I've not yet realized, not to mention all of those too-numerous-to-count typos and spelling errors.

I'm an old man.  I really have to seriously consider the possibility of age-related dementia at this point.

But YOU, dear reader, I've got a bone to pick with YOU.  None of you have pointed any of these errors out to me, which suggests one of three possibilities:
  1. Nobody's actually reading this blog, so there's no one to correct my errors.
  2. Folks notice the errors, but no one cares enough to bother pointing them out.
  3. People read and believe the errors and this blog has become a source of misinformation and confusion to unseen others.  
Any one of these three possibilities lead to the conclusion that I should just discontinue this blog. Why post if no one's reading?   Why post if no one cares?  Why post if I'm only confusion people?

But I don't want to sound plaintive or like I'm pleading for someone to tell me to keep going, and to be honest the force of sheer stubborn habit will probably keep me posting even if this blog is nothing more than my own record of shows I've been to and shows (I think) I'm going to see.  And if anyone has shown up at a venue only to find the band that I talked about wasn't playing there, I offer you my deepest apologies.  

My bad.

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  1. Well, you don't reply to comments, so there's that.