Sunday, November 1, 2015

Quiet Hounds at Ponce City Market, Atlanta, October 31, 2015

Even though all my errors on this blog might (or might not, who knows?) be a source of confusion for some, it still helps me keep track of the shows I've seen, who opened for whom, what I was impressed by and what disappointed me, etc.  

Case in point: if you had asked me if I'd seen Quiet Hounds this year, I would have said "of course." One of the sweet advantages of living in Hotlanta (just kidding) is that you get to see Quiet Hounds on a fairly regular basis, but after consulting with my own blog I realized that I hadn't seen the Hounds since November 22, 2014, nearly a year ago, at The Goat Farm.  I would have sworn I'd seen them more recently than that, but apparently not.

Since that time, the Hounds have apparently moved away.  Their Facebook page says their current location is "Canada," while Bandcamp lists home as Austin.  Either way, it's not Atlanta, which is interesting given that so many of their past performance were themed on Atlanta history.

One of the interesting things about the Quiet Hounds is that they endeavor to make all of their performances an event, combining unusual locales, theatrical themes, and printed programs for their sets.  They're the only band I know that typically distributes their set list to the audience before each show. 

Last night was no exception:  the performance was set in Ponce City Market, not at all a music venue but a relatively new shopping/restaurant space in Atlanta set in the enormous former Sears warehouse between North Avenue and Ponce de Leon.  The event was titled Masque, and everyone was encouraged to wear a mask and the members of Quiet Hounds were all dressed up as the devil, a werewolf, a vampire, Quasimodo, a mariachi band, and even Gene Simmons of Kiss.     

They played songs from their new album. Shake Don't Shatter, as well as past favorites like Calling All Gamma Rays.  They even ended their set with a cover of Kiss' I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll All Night as a tribute to their Gene Simmons costume. 

The sound was surprisingly good in the open courtyard of Ponce City Market and overall, the Hounds provided a fun way to spend the Saturday-night, Halloween evening.  

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