Monday, December 7, 2015

Champions of Unrestricted Beauty

Sleigh Bells are working on a new album, but they've set themselves a daunting precedent with 2010's Treats.

Champions of Unrestricted Beauty, the first release from the forthcoming album, points to slicker production and more emphasis on Alexis Krauss' vocals than the noise pop we've learned to love from the previous releases. And that is how noise pop works - the first time I heard Sleigh Bells, I hated them ("too harsh"). The second time I heard Sleigh Bells, there was some modicum of acceptance ("oh, yeah, that again"), but by the third time, I wanted to turn it up as fucking loud as I possibly could.  

So now fans are going to have to recalibrate a little and learn to look for the beauty not among the broken glass and barbed wire, but to look for the beauty amid all the beauty.

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