Monday, July 11, 2016


Thor Harris (background) with Swans at Terminal West, March 2015
Okay, first the bad news.  Brace yourself, because this is going to sting a little:

Percussionist extraordinaire Thor Harris is not touring with Swans, even though his playing was prominently featured on Swans' latest LP, The Glowing Man, and he will not be appearing with Swans next week (next week!) at Terminal West.

Now the good news.  Brace yourself, because this will be hard to believe:

Percussionist extraordinaire Thor Harris is touring with a post-rock, new-music chamber ensemble calling themselves "Thor Harris & Friends," and they will be playing on October 15 at, get this, Eddie's Attic.    

Reasons to go to Decatur, Part 1:  Thor Harris & Friends at Eddie's Attic.

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