Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman, the Swedish genius of pop, has a new record coming out, or maybe it's out already, IDK, but here's a first cut, which, as far as I can tell, is not about Donald Trump getting golden showers in Moscow hotel rooms, but what's almost as good as this song are his notes on the album, in which he states, among a great many other things,
"I love growing old with my listeners because hopefully that means I can be your parallell twin that you can check in with to catch a glimpse of yourself and the path you've taken. I'm 35 now. I don't want to be any other age really. Or maybe sometimes I do. Sometimes I wish I was older, sometimes I wish I was through with this transitional phase. Being in your thirties is like your teenage years, but without all the cool role models. When you were a teenager you had the Ramones. When you're in your thirties you have the characters from Seinfeld. But anyway, as I said, I'm 35 now. So I should be writing about that." 
You can read Jens' full notes here.

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