Monday, January 9, 2017

Not Dead Yet

Contrary to the rumors and the impression I may have created with my lack of posts here lately, I'm not dead (yet).  Further, not planning to go down any time soon.

I am, however, struggling with the concept of a music blog in the Age of Trump.  Given the threats his neo-fascist tendencies represent to our freedom, our liberties, and our right to Free Speech, daily postings of little videos and Soundcloud clips seems somehow, well, frivolous.  Posting nothing but rants and protests, on the other hand, seems vitriolic.  I'm struggling with finding a middle way.    

It's obvious there needs to be some changes here, if for nothing else than to accommodate the New Year much less the new gestalt.  Happy times are gone, my friends. and this sad song by Dirty Projectors, seeming confirmation that not only is Amber Coffman no longer in the band, but the other vocalists beside frontman David Longstreth are apparently gone, too.  It's not a direct metaphor for the times, but the sadness certainly seems an appropriate match.

I can't promise anything more in the future, as I honestly don't know where all of this is heading.

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